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We are improving Australia’s heart health today, for the impact on tomorrow and for generations to come.  We stand for relationships built on care & empathy, and outcomes achieved by clinical expertise, collaboration & innovation. Advara HeartCare is the largest Cardiology provider in Australia, with over 70 centres and 100 doctors throughout metro and regional locations. Our scale and expertise enables us to provide continuity of care, and access for patients when and where it is needed.

We exist to improve Australia’s Heart Health

We exist to improve Australia’s Heart Health

About Us

Advara HeartCare

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Our Vision

It’s our vision that all Australians, not just our patients, will one day benefit from world-class care. That’s why we offer preventative treatment, prioritise non-invasive procedures where possible, and facilitate remote cardiovascular monitoring. It’s why we value curiosity and collaboration, a potent combination that allows better, more thorough and more illuminating research.  

We envision a future where world-class care is the standard of care.

Heart to Heart: Our model of care

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Since 2006, Advara HeartCare, have positively impacted the lives of over 500,000 patients and their loved ones a year through our model of individualised care.

While we are committed to our pursuit of world-leading health outcomes, we believe that it’s our dedication to building relationships and providing excellent experiences for our patients and partners that sets us apart. No two heart health journeys are the same, and it’s with attentiveness and pride that we tend to the needs of every individual who comes through our doors.  

Our Mission: Advancing care in parallel

It is our mission to advance care and reduce the impact of heart disease in Australia through individualised care, research and world leading outcomes, but this can’t be achieved alone. It will be on the strength of our partnerships that we fulfil our goals, and because of that, it’s vital that those partners are chosen with harmony in mind. We believe good medicine, outstanding patient journeys and great employee experiences are good business, and by prioritising that philosophy, everybody benefits. By working together with our patients, primary care providers, hospitals, all levels of government and partners, we will improve Australia’s heart health.

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Our Values

Patients are our priority – Values: we care, we advance, we work together, we deliver

We Care: We have empathy for our patients and listen to understand. We’re considered in our actions and interactions with patients, peers and partners. We approach all situations with support, compassion and kindness, and an understanding that no two people or their experiences are the same.

We Advance: We’re committed to always advancing and improving our care.  We take initiative, remain curious and innovate to deliver world-class patient care.

We work together: Advancing care can’t be done alone. We need to do this together, in parallel with each other, our patients and our partners. We continuously collaborate and work with the skills of those around us. We’re unified and motivate others to succeed because every little win is a win for us all.

We Deliver: We follow through on what we say we’ll do. We measure our outcomes to hold ourselves accountable for our actions and deliver world-leading patient outcomes. We’re agile in our approach, which enables us to continually deliver for our patients, referrers, partners and each other.

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