Cardiology Consultations

Cardiologist treating a patient

What is a cardiology consultation?

A consultation is a face-to-face appointment with your Cardiologist. Depending on the type of appointment, this may either be an initial appointment to discuss your condition or symptoms and identify next steps, or to provide you with results and discuss a management plan.

What do I need for a consultation?

A valid letter of referral from your GP or specialist is required to attend an appointment. If your GP has referred you to us, they have requested specialist care or advice regarding your heart health.

What can I expect at a consultation?

New patient consultations may take up to 40 minutes while review consultations are approximately 15 minutes.

During the consultation, your cardiologist and their team will conduct a thorough assessment by asking questions about your health, family history and lifestyle.

If you have been asked to have tests performed prior to your consultation, the results will likely be discussed with you. Your cardiologist will also advise if further tests or procedures are recommended and will talk about these options with you.

After your consultation, our cardiologist will prepare a full report which is provided to your referring doctor. This includes your test results and findings along with any treatment recommendations. It is natural to be nervous before to your consultation, however our staff and cardiologists are very friendly and are here to help you.

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