Dr Mark Horrigan


Interventional Cardiologist

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Special interests in coronary angioplasty and the management of acute coronary syndromes. 

About Dr Mark Horrigan

Dr Mark Horrigan is an Interventional Cardiologist. One of the founders of HeartCare Victoria (now Advara HeartCare) over 10 years ago, Dr Mark Horrigan actively served a number of years as Chairman of the HeartCare Victoria (now Advara HeartCare) Clinical Management Committee before becoming a Cardiology Director on the Advara HeartCare Board in 2015. 

During his clinical work, Mark performs a comprehensive range of percutaneous interventions including coronary angioplasty, valvuloplasty and device closure. His research interests include coronary angioplasty and the management of acute coronary syndromes, in addition to his passion for health system redesign to optimise patient outcomes across a number of cardiac conditions. 

During Mark’s tenure as Director – Cardiac Catheterisation Service at Austin Health 1997 – 2013, he (somehow!) found time to pursue his passion for fine wine and enjoyment of the countryside. Mark established Pimpernel Vineyards in the Yarra Valley in 2001 and travels the world not only to contribute to Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension research at Papworth Hospital – Cambridgeshire, UK, but also to research the finest vintages on offer throughout Europe alongside his family. 

Originally a medical and philosophy graduate of the University of Melbourne, Mark undertook a fellowship at the Royal Perth Hospital before becoming a Senior Fellow in Interventional Cardiology at the Cleveland Clinic in 1994 where he undertook advanced training in coronary and structural interventions, and basic research in angiogenesis.