Dr Mehrdad Honarvar

Doctor of Medicine (M.D.), FRACP

Interventional Cardiologist

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Special clinical interests in phlebology and vascular ultrasound, acute coronary syndrome, heart failure, valvular and congenital heart disease, cardiomyopathy and arrhythmia management

About Dr Mehrdad Honarvar

Dr Mehrdad Honarvar is an experienced cardiologist with 15 years’ experience as a consultant cardiologist.

He is highly skilled in the management of various cardiologic disorders such as acute coronary syndromes, heart failure, valvular or congenital heart diseases, different types of cardiomyopathies and arrhythmia management. He is fully proficient in all kinds of echo study, vascular ultrasound, diagnostic angiography, coronary and peripheral angioplasty and possess good experience in vascular and coronary CT Angiography.

Dr Mehrdad has completed more than 20,000 cardiac procedures, including complex coronary and peripheral vascular interventions. He has a strong background in clinical leadership, operational management, and quality improvement, as well as ten years of experience in the teaching and supervision of medical students and junior doctors.

Dr Mehrdad completed his medical degree and specialist training in Cardiology in Iran in 2008. For the treatment of resistant hypertension, he was a pioneer in renal artery denervation in Iran during his interventional fellowship program. He then undertook further phlebology training becoming a pioneer of non-surgical varicose treatment and advanced and modern DVT management in Iran, establishing a large tertiary and referral centre in Shiraz.

Dr Mehrdad received a specialty board certificate in cardiology in 2008 and completed a postgraduate fellowship in vascular and interventional cardiology in 2013 and Phlebology training in Australia in 2015. He completed a one-year cardiology interventional fellowship and a peer review year at the Bendigo Hospital. He is now fully recognized by the Australian College of Physicians as FRACP, with sufficient experience for clinical practice in Australian hospitals and clinics, including practicing as a VMO cardiologist at Hervey Bay hospital.

After practicing as a senior consultant cardiologist in Victoria and Queensland, Dr Mehrdad is delighted to have joined Advara HeartCare in Perth. He practices in Yokine and Midland clinics. He will be pleased to see the full range of cardiology patients and all types of varicose veins (including telangiectasia to very complex venous diseases) and DVT patients.

Dr Honarvar speaks English and Farsi.


  • Top Clinical Researcher – Department of Cardiology, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, for contributions to research and education (2019).
  • Outstanding Associate Professor – Department of Cardiology, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences (2018).

Research Interests 

  • Renal ablation for hypertension

Professional Memberships



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