On The Frontline of Progress

How Justine is driving Australia’s heart health and her career forward


The smallest change can often make the biggest difference. At Advara HeartCare, each patient Justine monitors through our National Projects Group leads to incredible improvements in patient care across Australia. What enables this passionate nurse to drive the nation’s heart health forward? Being part of a welcoming team that values her as a whole person.

Shaping the future one patient at a time

Justine has built her career on providing exceptional cardiac care. She spent 13 years on the hospital frontline, honing her skills as a Cardiac Cath Lab Nurse and educating other nurses in interventional cardiology.

It was rewarding work, yet Justine was ready for something more – a role that flexed around her family and empowered her to make an even greater impact.

She found that and so much more at Advara HeartCare.

Today, Justine is on the cutting edge of our industry, helping us shape the future of Australia’s heart health one patient at a time.

Driven to achieve, Justine thrives on wearing multiple vital hats at Advara HeartCare. As a CTCA (Computed Tomography Coronary Angiography) Registered Nurse in Perth, she’s hands-on, preparing patients for CT scans and providing high-quality care. And as our Team-Based Care Co-Coordinator, she is critical to ensuring the smooth running of our cardiology nurse-led clinics in Western Australia.

Yet, it’s her involvement in our high-impact National Projects Group that gives her the greatest sense of fulfilment.

“The goal is to get patients to guideline therapy optimisation,” Justine explains. “We at Advara HeartCare continually analyse our practice to improve our patient care. Currently, we’re doing a project on qualities of medicine in lipid management. Our doctors are incredibly busy, so the idea behind these projects is to have a nurse assisting behind the scenes, you could say. We work collaboratively with our doctors and ensure they have all the tools in front of them to manage those patients in a timely manner.”

The result? Better cardiology care and health outcomes for patients across Australia.

“Having the opportunity to write an abstract on a project like this and the impact we can have on improved patient care definitely gives me that feeling of ‘this is why we do what we do.’ The small changes we make can have a huge impact on patient care overall.”

If you truly care for patients and want to grow your passion in cardiology, this is the place to be.

Supported to thrive

Since joining Advara HeartCare as a CTCA Registered Nurse in 2020, Justine has been on a continual journey of growth. She’s seized every opportunity to progress her career – from getting involved in our heart health campaigns to putting her hand up for the National Projects Group.

“I’m very career driven and always like to have something I can get stuck into. Advara HeartCare supports our learning and development and encourages us.”

Each day is different and presents a new challenge, yet Justine rises to each one with positivity and passion. And she knows she can always rely on her team for support.

“Everyone is so friendly and approachable. I know I can call any one of my managers with an issue, and they’re there for me straight away. They make you feel important, valued and understood. And I think that’s what really sets us apart – there is no divide between doctors, nurses or the admin team. Everyone is respected and recognised for the work they do to make this organisation a success. Without each and everyone of the team, we wouldn’t be able to deliver the high standard of care we pride ourselves on.”

And when Justine isn’t providing clinical patient care, supporting our nurses or analysing data for a quality project? She’s usually chasing after her three young children! As a parent, Justine values the understanding and flexibility she has at Advara HeartCare to ensure her family’s needs are always met.

“It’s very different to a hospital setting where you’re under the pump all the time and have to juggle the shift work. The flexibility at Advara HeartCare is fantastic – when I’m not in the clinic, I can do some of my work from home, and people are very understanding when you have children. If you’ve got a kid’s sporting event on, they’re like, ‘You don’t want to miss that!’”

The sky’s the limit

Justine has already achieved so much at Advara HeartCare, and she can’t wait to make even more of an impact on patient care and her career.

“Advara HeartCare is very pro-patient outcomes. The organisation strives to improve health access across the board and asks, how can we reach patients who don’t have the same access as everybody else? How can we reach more people in rural communities? My hope is that we can keep growing in that space.”

Justine’s advice if you’d like to join our collaborative, passionate and close-knit team of healthcare professionals?

“If you truly care for patients and want to grow your passion in cardiology, this is the place to be. If you are positive, caring, and willing to learn and give things a go, then this is for you. There are so many opportunities to upskill and gain new experiences, and everyone is so welcoming. It’s been really empowering as a nurse to know we can make such a big impact.”


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