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How Nikita has shaped her incredible career at Advara HeartCare


Nikita is the kind of person who rises to each challenge with passion, drive, and a beaming smile. Although she didn’t get the role she initially applied for at Advara HeartCare, that sure didn’t stop her! Nikita has built a remarkable career at Advara HeartCare – from Cardiac Physiologist to our first female Clinical Services Manager. So, what’s kept her with us over the years? Nikita says it’s the ability to learn and grow at the cutting edge of our industry while making a difference in patients’ lives.

Journey to something special

When Nikita applied for a Cardiac Physiologist role at Advara HeartCare in 2010, she was fresh out of university and excited to begin her career. Although she didn’t quite have the experience she needed for the position, her positivity, potential and passion for patient care were undeniable.

“I just knew I wanted to be patient facing rather than behind the scenes,” Nikita says. “For me, it was about being in the thick of problem-solving, helping patients along their journey and being part of a team that really cared about patient outcomes. I applied without having the qualifications and didn’t get that role. But I did get a call a few weeks later from the manager at the time. He could tell I was really passionate and wanted to give me the opportunity to get trained.”

Nikita has grown her remarkable career at Advara HeartCare ever since. Working alongside some of Australia’s leading cardiac experts, Nikita has continually developed new knowledge and skills at the cutting edge of our industry.

She’s progressed from Cardiac Physiologist to Specialist Cardiac Physiologist and Lead Cardiac Physiologist. And today, Nikita is our driven and compassionate Clinical Services Manager. With deep empathy and optimism, this collaborative leader oversees our close-knit Clinical Services team, ensuring the smooth running of cardiac diagnostic testing for our patients in Melbourne and regional Victoria.

“I love watching the new era of Cardiac Physiologists come in because I’ve been in their shoes. When you’re a Cardiac Physiologist, you go home every day knowing you’ve impacted people’s lives. Although I don’t impact the individual patient quite as often now, I can see how I help make a difference to a whole suburb or state. It’s very rewarding.”

When I first joined Advara HeartCare, I was quite shy and afraid I didn’t know everything. But I learned to have a voice; it’s encouraged here. It’s what leads to greater collaboration and innovation, and I think that sets us apart.

Empowered to grow

As Clinical Services Manager, Nikita’s days are full of variety and challenge – which is just the way she likes it. Her flexible working arrangements mean she balances working from home with supporting her team from our metropolitan clinics.

Nikita also liaises with Clinical Services Managers from other states, giving her a rich understanding of the state of heart health across Australia.

“At least one day a week, I still like to put my clinical boots on and see our patients. I enjoy performing the role of Cardiac Physiologist when I can. It keeps my skills sharp and helps me stay in touch with what the clinical team faces day to day.”

Nikita says Advara HeartCare has always empowered her to shape her future the way she chooses. Earlier in her career, when she was ready to start working towards becoming a Specialist Clinical Physiologist, Nikita decided to specialise in Echocardiography – a test that uses sound waves to produce live images of the heart.

“It was a two-year course, which Advara HeartCare funded. The company has also supported me through external courses to develop my theoretical knowledge. And when I voiced my interest in going into the leadership space, my manager was really encouraging and put me through some management and people-leading courses.”

As someone who’s dedicated her career to ensuring patients feel safe, respected and heard, Nikita says she’s always felt valued as a whole person at Advara HeartCare. Stepping into the full-time role of Clinical Services Manager was a little daunting at first, especially as she’d been working part-time. Yet, Nikita’s manager worked with her to design a work-life balance that met her young family’s needs.

“I was hesitant because I wasn’t sure if the role would impact my ability to pick up my two kids from school. But my manager ensured I could continue to do those things. Having that flexibility is wonderful.”

Now, Nikita is a role model to other emerging leaders as our first female Clinical Services Manager.

“When I stepped into this role, everyone at Advara HeartCare celebrated it. I even had some people say, ‘Finally, a female in the role!’ I do feel Advara HeartCare has always focused on what I can offer, not what could limit me. When I first joined Advara HeartCare, I was quite shy and afraid I didn’t know everything. But I learned to have a voice; it’s encouraged here. It’s what leads to greater collaboration and innovation, and I think that sets us apart. We don’t expect everyone to know everything, but we want to know people’s ideas, regardless of where they’re at in their journey.”

A purpose-driven future

Nikita’s growth with us is far from over. With so much opportunity on the horizon, she looks forward to helping us continue our journey to even better patient care.

“My hope is that we continue to be the kind of organisation passionate people want to work at. It’s that passion and ability to collaborate that makes us work so well for our patients.”

And if you’d like to shape our future while building yours at Advara HeartCare? Nikita offers the following advice.

“Be passionate, be yourself, and be open to learning. Advara HeartCare has always treated me as a person with a desire to learn something new. They see me not only for what I can offer the business but who I am and how I can develop.”


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